Our Destination

Ablatotech is a pre-clinical biotechnology startup founded by Dr. George Ekema, a molecular neuroscientist, and Dr. Marjet Heitzer, an immunologist and research oncologist. We are developing smart technologies and innovative therapeutics for the ablation of undesirable tissues such as cancers, non-cancerous tumors, fat, wounds, and genital warts. Our ablation technologies mimic the natural removal of undesirable cells by a healthy body. Rather than killing or cutting out undesirable tissue, as is the current surgical practice, we trick the undesirable tissue to commit suicide. Cells in the undesirable tissue commit suicide by a process called apoptosis and are removed by immune action. Only part of the undesirable tissue has to be treated for the suicide signal to spread across the entire undesirable tissue, so our ablation technologies would be effective for the removal of many of the tumors that today are deemed to be inoperable. Also, because we are not adversely impacting the pathophysiology and microenvironment of the undesirable tissue, we are likely to get a relatively complete ablation with diminished changes of recurrence (where applicable).

Our core IP allows us to develop a broad range of devices and therapeutics for the ablation of specific undesirable tissues. Our devices and kits are developed with strategies that reflect our deep-rooted and uncompromising zeal to heal the world cheaply and more efficiently than current means. It is therefore our objective to make our devices and therapeutics to be affordable, portable, easy to use, simple, versatile, and customizable to the diverse regional realities of the world. Most importantly, we intend for all persons across the globe to have equal access to our devices and therapeutics, no matter what is happening where they reside.

Our regenerative medicine program is relatively simple, but very effective. We are the first company, ever, to successfully reverse an aneurysm with a drug only. Additionally, we have also successfully reversed enlargements of the heart. We hope to find similar success with dementias, of all etiologies, and other degenerative diseases. We believe that the simplicity of our approach is critical to success in treating and curing these important diseases.