Our Therapeutic Focus

We are a tissue ablation company – the future of tissue ablation. Our therapeutic portfolio includes the removal of undesirable tissues such as cancers, non-cancerous tumors, and adipose (fat) tissue. We also engage in the rapid healing of wounds and ablation of genital warts caused by HPV.

One of our core technology is Tissue Ablation by Rapid and Sustained Alteration in Membrane Potential (TARSAMP). We are using TARSAMP to develop devices and kits for the following:

  • Cancer ablation
  • Non-cancerous tumor ablation
  • Fat ablation
  • Rapid wound healing
  • Rapid ablation of genital warts caused by HPV

In addition to TARSAMP, we are engaged in non-invasive tissue regeneration. We have successfully used our proprietary formula to reverse aneurysms and enlargement of the heart.  We are targeting the following therapeutic areas with our non-invasive tissue regeneration program:

  • Non-surgical reversal of aneurysms
  • Reversal of enlargement of the heart
  • Dementias of all etiologies
  • Other degenerative diseases